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August 10 2011
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Dear Aangen Community,
We hope you are enjoying the summer and taking in the Vitamin D... just stay hydrated with plenty of water and don't forget to cover up!
In this special August edition of the newsletter, we would like update you on some of the essential work we have been able to do this summer thanks to the successful yard sale we had in the spring and donations from community members; share with you our exciting new catalogue and partnership, and a lot more! So grab yourself a cup of yogi tea and read on...
First of all, we are very pleased to tell you we raised over $700 at the yard sale in May. Thank you to all the volunteers without whom this would not have been possible and to the abundance of community members who generously donated their goods for the cause. The income generated from this fundraiser has allowed us to help a few extra families this summer. Here is one of their stories...
donate to aangen community centre

At the start of the summer, we were approached by a social worker regarding a woman in need of emergency funds to cover the cost of an application for permanent residence in Canada on compassionate grounds (an outrageous $650!!). For anonymity's sake, let us refer to this woman as Anne.
Anne, a beautiful, strong and selfless woman arrived in Toronto seven years ago upon fleeing her native country. At the time, she was living with her boyfriend and their young son on a small island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea. For many years she had withstood extreme violence and verbal abuse from her boyfriend, who thankfully spared their child from any harm. Living in poverty, subsidizing her boyfriend's meagre wages by selling snacks on the street, she felt there was no possibility of escape. With nowhere else to go, and on the verge of death, her family mustered up the money to send her to Canada to join her sister and newly born niece in Toronto.
Thus, one day when her boyfriend was out of the house, she bade farewell to her son and ran as fast as she could, with the hope of building a new life of peace in our home and native land. For the past seven years, however, she has been living underground, after her application for refugee status was denied upon arrival. Knowing that deportation meant death, she has lived in terror, facing daily debilitating flashbacks, and relying on her sister's minimum wage income to survive. Fed up with this life of constant hiding and fear and a longing to reunite with her son, she has courageously decided to reapply for Canadian residence, with a willingness to face whatever consequences may arise.
While working on her application, Anne has been volunteering at Aangen in exchange for a small amount of funds to put healthy food on her table. We have also been able to help her find some odd jobs and are working with her to start up her own house-cleaning business, an endeavour which has been a dream of hers since arriving in Canada. Without donations from our passionate and generous community, this vital work would not have been possible. We are so very grateful.
Gurbeen, Executive Director
Tanya, Sustainable Development Coordinator
Aangen yard saleNext Aangen Yard Sale
Saturday September 17
Donations and volunteer help greatly welcome.

New Catalogue
We are pleased to share our new and exciting Aangen catalogue with you! It contains information on all our services and products in one user-friendly document. Feel free to share it widely with your friends and family.
aangen community centre - catalogue
We have been working hard on developing some new Ayurvedic products for your health and enjoyment. All six of our Ayurvedic products are tridoshic, meaning that they are beneficial for all people, regardless of their body composition and state of health. Try them out -- we promise you will love them!
Summer Rose Tea
In addition to our popular yogi and healing teas, we would like to introduce our new Summer Rose Tea. This tea is cooling, calming and refreshing... a great way to cool off and unwind in the summer months. Enjoy either hot or chilled.
Healthy Horsepower: Natural whole-food protein powder
This delicious Ayurvedic blend is a great alternative to the wide variety of manufactured protein powders on the market. It is composed solely of whole-foods, as opposed to protein isolates (ie. whey or soy protein isolate), and synthetic vitamins and minerals. Whole foods are those preserved in their natural state, and are much easier for the body to digest. Our horsepower blend is naturally gluten-free, vegan, and high in omegas, which are essential for the optimal functioning of most body systems, especially the brain. Excellent for vegetarians and those living an active lifestyle.
Healthy Elimination & Digestion
This Ayurvedic blend is a natural way to help regulate digestion and related health conditions, and is a good source of dietary fibre.
Healthy Heart & Circulation
This Ayurvedic blend helps to increase circulation and reduce high blood pressure. It is also a natural diuretic.

New Partnership With NatureBite
aangen community centre - New Partnership With NatureBiteWe are very excited to announce our new partnership with NatureBite, a Toronto-based business that specializes in organic health foods, supplements and Eco-friendly cleaning products. They are committed to environmental protection and raising awareness of products that are organic, non-toxic and better for the health and wellness of the consumer.
At Aangen we are always looking to work with like-minded people and businesses and are thrilled that NatureBite has decided to support our cause. A percentage of all NatureBite sales made through Aangen, will go to our families in need fund.
A range of NatureBite products are available to buy from our marketplace OR you can buy directly online from them at Just make sure to let them know you heard about them through Aangen, so that part of the proceeds come back to our families in need.
NatureBite Products
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps
  • Himalayan Salt Products and Grinders
  • Yoga Chips (all-natural apple chips)
  • Organic Golden Quinoa, Black Chia Seeds, Raw Maca Powder, Roasted Hemp Seeds
  • Teechino Coffee Alternative
  • Organic Coconut Sweetener
  • Bio+ Green Crystals All-Purpose Cleaner
  • Organic Coconut Oil
And a lot more... Come check us out!

Aangen Marketplace
Come in and shop at our marketplace! Please call Tanya to pick a time that works best for you, we are open by appointment only, with flexible hours (416) 575-5011. We are pleased to support our local farmers and businesses by carrying the following products at Aangen. Please see our catalogue for wholesale prices.
    aangen community centre - local marketplace
  • Natural unpasteurized golden honey - $8/500gr
  • Local maple syrup - $8/250mL - $13/500mL - $25/1L - $45/2L & $80/4L
  • Farm Fresh Organic Spelt Bread (Types: Sesame, Sunflower, Pumpkin Seed, Flax & Millet, Raisin, Caraway) $6/loaf
    (must be ordered by 11am on Monday for Wednesday pickup)
  • Free range Omega-rich eggs $5/dozen (must be ordered by 11am on Monday for Wednesday pickup)
  • Salted & Unsalted Butter: Certified Organic $9/lb & Local Creamery $7/lb
  • Greenshift Biodegradable Products - please see our catalogue for prices
  • NatureBite products
Also available: Gourmet Chocolates, Organic Vegan Soaps, Ayurvedic Cooking Kits, Lotions, Lip Balms and Body Butter and Gift Certificates for any Workshops or Products.
Please call Tanya at (416) 519-9800 or (416) 575-5011 to put in your fresh food orders -- eat healthy, think healthy, live healthy! :)

Workshops & Events
Sunday August 21. 5:00-7:00pm. Past life exploration, life purpose discovery and 2012 ascension with Tarek Bibi
Aangen Community Centre - Tarek BibiCalling all healers, light workers, soul-full beings, and lovers of healing and transformation. The time for change is now!
Join us for this one of a kind transformational group healing session. We will be guided into a relaxed, open, connected state. We will connect to source energy and allow it to guide us through past life healing, life purpose, and our 2012 ascension. This includes cutting cords, shifting perspectives, letting go of past traumas, healing, expanding our awareness and consciousness, activating our inner spark of divinity, being connected to source and intuition, knowing our purpose and sharing our gifts and abilities to the fullest, letting go of fears, exploring our past lives and so much more!
Tarek Bibi has been successfully facilitating group transformational sessions for over 5. He has helped many youth, people living with aids, corporations, healers, and spiritual individuals clear the barriers holding them back from living their life to the fullest. He specialises in trauma and abuse challenges. To hear what others have said about him go to:
Limited to 10-12 people
Cost: sliding scale $55-75 plus all participants will receive daily miracles and blessing manifestations (valued at $100/month), as well as huge discounts to CDs, sessions and other offerings!

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