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Aangen Community Centre
John of God in Toronto, Canada
The Miraculous Brazilian Healer LIVE!
March 15th, 16th & 17th, 2013
Metro-Toronto Convention Centre
255 Front Street West. Toronto, ON M5V 2W6. Canada
aangen community centre - John of God in TorontoTickets - $188 Hurry! Last Chance
To purchase tickets visit -
or call 1 800 547 5910.
If you need assistance email
John of God was featured on the Toronto, Good Morning, Gail Thackray interview. Dr. Wayne Dyer was featured on Oprah saying that John of God cured his leukemia.
aangen community centre - John of God in TorontoJohn of God In Toronto
Some people will come who have difficult health issues, but others will come to just open up spiritually and experience the incredible energy. Many report great psychic development and having healing abilities of their own after being in the John of God energy.
John of God is a full trans medium, which means he incorporates spirits into his body who work through him. You can ask the spirits for physical healing but also spiritual healing, help with relationship and even financial help. People say the results are miraculous!
aangen community centre - John of God in Toronto
It is all approved by John of God to ensure that the energy and the spirits work in the same way. Participants will all go in front of John of God as well as sit in meditation with him. All will receive the healing energy. At the last event in Switzerland, King Solomon incorporated and many people got out of their wheelchairs. There were powerful healings of all kinds.
Come join us and change your life!

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