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28 January 2016
Upcoming Events
@ Aangen Community Centre
868 Dovercourt Road
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Dear Aangen Community,
Happy 2016 to everyone! It is amazing how much can take place in 1 year, 1 day, 1 minute. We hope that in 2016 you are motivated by love in anything you do.
Compassion enables us to see without judgment. It is the shift that transforms the weed into a rambunctious flower, or passing the man holding a cardboard sign on the corner and seeing him as your brother. For our truth is love, we hope you always see through grateful eyes and remember to remember we are one. <3
aangen community centre - facebookLove & Light,

Heather Maciel
Program Coordinator

Gurbeen Bhasin, MA, MSW
Executive Director - Aangen Community Centre
PS - Please also join Aangen's Facebook page.

Aangen has new direct numbers:
Gurbeen Bhasin 416.569.2787 & Heather Maciel 416.569.5311.

You're Invited
Join us for a fundraising event on Tuesday February 9th and help 'Heal Hunger!'
On Tuesday February 9th Aangen, in collaboration with Luce Resto, will be hosting 'Heal Hunger,' an event benefitting the construction of an industrial size kitchen in Ebe, Nigeria. Last year Dr. Shira Taylor visited Aangen to tell us about her experience teaching in Nigeria. What she found was that many students were unable to concentrate due to extreme hunger. Many of them would not have breakfast or have a lunch packed for school.
After learning of this injustice we have partnered together with Dr. Taylor and Father Charles, who runs the school in Nigeria and have been raising funds for a kitchen that would feed the students and the surrounding community. The proceeds of this event will directly benefit this project and will help a community in Ebe, Nigeria with a sustainable solution for hunger.
Tickets for this event are available for $35.00. Feel free to purchase tickets online or call us to reserve.
aangen community centre - Tuesday February 9th and Heal Hunger event


Aangen Outreach Program Report
Heather Maciel
Program Coordinator
Send a Girl to School – The 100 Girl Project
Yoga without Borders is spearheading a new campaign called ‘100 Girls.’ The goal is to provide 100 girls with sustainable menstrual products every month, allowing them to continue to receive an education. The lack of sanitary supplies and running water makes menstruation a huge issue for girls in the developing world. Aangen is proud to work alongside Yoga Without Borders on this initiative. We hope our contribution will empower these girls and break the cycle of poverty for good.
If you would like to contribute to this project please feel free to contact Heather at
aangen community centre - Send a Girl to School – The 100 Girl Project

McCormick Park Café and Market + Robin Hood Food Program
aangen community centre - McCormick Park Cafe and MarketplaceLocated between Brock and Sheridan (south of Dundas, north of Bloor) this very unique pilot project is blossoming even through the cold winter months. Aangen operates a café out of a shipping container, serving the community with vegetarian meals that taste home-made, with an in-house market where you can purchase fresh farm goods. We are very excited to expand our Robin Hood Food Program within the community and the Café is becoming the hub where this can take place. There are many people who struggle with food security and through our Robin Hood Food Program we provide families with grocery support. If you would like to contribute to our program feel free to contact us or come by the café and donate non-perishable food items.
To be grateful is to have a full cup and be willing to share what is in that cup with others. Over the Christmas Holiday’s we wrapped and delivered Christmas gifts to 13 families in need, as a reminder of our oneness and to bring some light to where it has been a little grey. We also prepared delicious food and shared a spectacular meal, laughter and even dance moves with the youth at a local shelter.
From the bottom of our hearts we would like to thank Jessica Vieira Torres, Owner of Efflorescence Flowers and Gifts, for her tireless efforts, unwavering support and beautiful heart. To our incredible friend Kelly Carreiro for her sweet heart and for believing in Aangen and giving her time to spread so much joy and love. Thank you to our donors, sponsors and volunteers, who gave the gift of their time and the gift of hope to families in need.
There is something magical that happens when we come together for the greater good. In the smiling faces we have seen and the lives we have touched, there is no greater gift. My heart is happy knowing we can serve, that is the ultimate.
aangen community centre - Holiday Hope

Aangen was honoured and delighted to be invited to an all-vegan lunch hosted by Safe Haven, in celebration of our new friendship! Safe Haven provides respite care to families who have children facing different disabilities. Over the holiday season Aangen connected with Safe Haven to help bring a smile to the faces of some of the families in need. We were so humbled to know that not only were the families grateful for the gifts, they were over the moon to know that they have support from their community and that people simply care.
We are all in this together, Aangen looks forward to continue touching lives in our community and around the world and to growing this beautiful partnership with Safe Haven.
Thank you Safe Haven! One Love <3
aangen community centre - Safe Haven

In 2015 Aangen truly soared to new heights, we have built new and wonderful partnerships that I know will only continue to bloosom in 2016. We would like to thank TD Bank @ 427 Eglinton Ave for dedicating their Holiday Food Drive to Aangen this year. Thank you to Carla Jamadar for spearheading this and getting the whole TD Team involved! Food is a big component of our 2016 plan and we are off to a great start!
aangen community centre - TD Food Bank drive

aangen community centre - outreach programs
Since Aangen was founded in 2000, we have been committed to helping those in need locally and globally. Our programs serves families who are in need on multiple levels according to their unique situations.
Aangen Community Centre encourages everyone to consider a donation as a gift to your friends or family. Each donation is accompanied by a personalized gift card from you.
Please click here for more information.

aangen community centre - yoga without borders, save the children, mother nature partnership
aangen community centre - outreach sponsors

aangen community centre - cafe and market at McCormick Park Toronto
McCormick Park Cafe & Market
66 Sheridan Avenue near the Children's playground
Friday 2:00pm - 7:00pm
Weekends 10:00am - 3:00pm
$5.00 Friday Night Dinners -- enjoy a unique and delicious menu each week!!
aangen community centre - local marketplaceVisit the McCormick Park Cafe & Market. Proceeds go to helping families in need locally & globally. Please join us for coffee, snacks & pick up your favorite farm products and much more.
Available at the McCormick Park Cafe & Market brought to you by Aangen Community Centre
Ayurvedic teas and health products made in-house $8.00 - $12.00
Natural unpasteurized golden honey 500ml $9.00
Local maple syrup 500ml $13.00
1L $25.00
2L $45.00
4L $80.00
Farm Fresh Organic Spelt Bread (Types: Sesame, Sunflower, Pumpkin Seed, Flax & Millet, Raisin, Caraway) $6.50/ loaf
Free range Omega-rich eggs $6/ dozen
Salted & Unsalted Butter Certified Organic $10/ lb
Local Creamery $7/ lb
Please contact Gurbeen @ 416.569.2787
Greenshift Biodegradable Products
12oz hot cups 50 cups/ sleeve $12.50
12oz cold cups 50 cups/ sleeve $12.00
Napkins 600/ sleeve $19.50
Cutlery (forks, knives
or spoons)
50/box $6.00
7" plates 50/ pack $6.50
9" plates 50/ pack $10.50

Please support these businesses as they vote with their dollars and buy wholesale products from Aangen which helps fund our local and global programs.
  • Bakerbots - 205 Delaware Ave
  • Bloorcourt Village Market - 952 Bloor St W
  • CAISH - #305-344 Bloor St W
  • Caboose - 3333 Dundas St W
  • Citizen Catering - 1583 Dupont St
  • Cool Hand of a Girl - 2804 Dundas St W
  • Creme Fraiche - 639 Annette St
  • Ebi Sushi - 867 Bloor St W
  • Evergreen Natural Foods -
    161 Roncesvalles Ave
  • Evergreen Natural Foods -
    513 St. Clair Ave W
  • FAEMA - 672 Dupont St
  • FAEMA Vaughan - 3175 Rutherford Rd
  • Fiesta Farms - 200 Christie St
  • Grail Spring Retreat - Bancroft
  • Kadampa Meditation Centre -
    631 Crawford St
  • La Tienda - 1165 St. Clair Ave W
  • Luce Resto - 791 King St W
  • Old York Bar & Grill - 167 Niagara St
  • Rosie Robin - 616 Gladstone Ave
  • Saving Gigi - 859 Bloor St W
  • Six Degrees Community Acupuncture - 204 Spadina Ave
  • Sunnyside Pavilion -
    1755 Lakeshore Blvd W
  • The Emerson - 1279 Bloor St W
  • The Good Fork - 2432 Bloor St W
  • Trupti Enterprises - 2 Thorncliffe Park Dr
  • Vert Catering - 963 Dovercourt Rd
  • Whippoorwill - 1285 Bloor St W
Thank you for supporting Aangen's programs.

The full Aangen Events schedule is available at

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